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EMS Foot Massager Mat

EMS Foot Massager Mat Price in Pakistan Standing all day on hard floors can be brutal. Even if you have a comfortable chair, your feet will still hurt because they’re standing on the floor all day. The EMS Foot Massager Mat is one of the best foot massagers out there for relieving pain and tension in your feet from standing or walking too much. It’s also great for people with plantar fasciitis – an inflammation caused by overuse that causes shooting pains in the heel area of your foot when you stand up after sitting down for an extended period

Handy Stitch The Handheld Sewing Machine

Handy Stitch The Handheld Sewing Machine
  • Power of a big machine–even sews denim
  • Repairs delicate fabrics like silk
  • Battery powered
  • Make Sewing Fun, Fast & Easy!
  • Portable And Cordless