Home Decoration Ideas in Pakistan

Who doesn’t love having a decorated home? A decorated home adds so much life to a living space and can really boost your mood. It is always nice walking through the door after a long day and loving everything you see in your home. Your home decor is what makes it feel like home to you. So many benefits can come from decorating your home, but here are the top three:

Burning Candles:

Burning Candles Homegadgets

A candle is much more than a fragrant piece of decor. A candle is many things  — an olfactory object of expression, a time-machine, a therapeutic tool. 

As a sensory form of mental health therapy, here are a few reasons to keep burning candles: 


Candles transform an atmosphere through scent, changing the way we feel in space. Lighting a candle for meditation, a bath, a date or any other intention is a beloved practice for setting an ambiance anywhere. 


Floral and herbal aromas, like geranium, lavender, and peppermint, have been proven to be useful for the treatment of various psychological and physiological disorders through the burning of aromatherapeutic candles. Candles for depression and anxiety are particularly popular. 


Scented candles can induce calm and help to alleviate symptoms of stress, with the ability to lower cortisol. Certain candles are crafted specifically to activate chemicals in the brain, like serotonin and dopamine, to support a positive mood.


Specific scents in candles can stimulate memory in the brain. The limbic system is the part of the brain that is home to our memory and emotions. Scent, emotion and memory are inexplicably intertwined, according to The Harvard Gazette.

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Interior Decoration Ideas:

On average, most People spend approximately 90% of their time indoors. A lot of thought goes into interior design that many of us overlook in our everyday lives. With so much of our time spent going from building to building and house to house, the interior design is all around and has a big hold over us.

Interior Decoration Homegadgets
  1. Show your personality

You spend a lot of time and money to carefully curate all the perfect pieces for your home to reflect your personality. Whether it’s mid-century modern, minimalist, or farmhouse, the style of your home says a lot about you. Family life, relationships, and interests can all easily be shown through your use of interior design. A packed bookshelf clearly belongs to the avid reader, whereas a large family might choose to emphasize media room decor.

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  1. Design comfortable spaces

For a while now we’ve known the effect different aesthetics have one us. Studying the emotions brought on by colors has become popular to create the most comfortable atmosphere for the right rooms. Vibrant shades are great to promote socialization, soft neutrals work best for bedrooms, and some darker colors are best to save for accent walls.

Textures also have a role in how we feel in a room. Cozy family rooms are more likely to have soft, plush textures. Hard, sleek textures like marble and metals have a colder feel to them but work well for modern aesthetics.

  1. Create functional rooms
bedroom Decoration Homegadgets

The look and feel of a room are both important, but won’t do much good if space isn’t functional. Rooms and rooms of beautiful decor can wind feeling like a museum if there’s no practicality. Good interiors aren’t all the same across the board. Interior designers know how to make the most certain spaces, from small apartments or large homes. Without a good understanding or care of interior design, we would end up with cluttered rooms and uncomfortably empty spaces. Conscious decisions like furniture placements and storage can help ensure that a room flows easily.

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